[CAN JOurnal Fall 2013

Selected Recent Reviews
Intuitive Geometries: Del Rey Loven at Lesko Gallery 4/2017
Mahwish Chishty: Death from the Skies CAN Journal 5/2017
Damage Assessment : 100+ Days After at SPACES 5/2017
Upside-Down Worlds: Yoko Inoue at SPACES May 2017
Matt Dibble at Tregoning Fine Art Artslant Magazine April 2017
Mike Meier at Forum ArtSpace CANblog April 2017
Historical Present, Arthopper.org March 2016
Eric Rippert at Maria Neil, CAN Journal Fall 2016
Two Cleveland Artists React, Hyperallergic.com 7/26/16
Ashes to Ashes, Arthopper.org 2015
Enact at Oberlin: Afterimage Magazine, January 4, 2014
Todd Schroeder, Artpulse Magazine 2014
Frank Oriti's Great Year (CAN Journal, Winter 2013)
Shock & Awe: Kasumi)'s Feature Film (CAN Journal, Fall 2013)
The Geometry of Tigers (CAN Journal, Summer 2013)
The Nine: NOADA (CAN Journal, Spring 2013)
Randall Tiedman (Belt Magazine, October 2013)
The Unseen: Andrea Joki (Wm. Busta Gallery Feb 2013)
The Flower Knows Its Archetype: Audra Skuodas
Matthew Kolodziej: Ecotone
Brinsley Tyrrell (Wm. Busta Gallery 2013)
Mountain Time: Dana Oldfather
Jeff Chiplis @ The Butler Institute
Corrie Slawson @ SPACES
Undomesticated @ Wall Eye Gallery
Terry Durst @ Arts Collinwood
Cities in Flight: Amy Casey
Paul Sydorenko @ Wm Rupnik
Mapping Relief: Kim Bissett
Efrat Klipstien @ SPACES
Matthew Kolodziej @ William Busta   
Christian Wulffen at MOCA Cleveland    
Josh Banaszak and Mark Keffer   
The Id Girl: Dana Schutz @ Shaheen Gallery    
Lorrie Ott @ exit {a gallery space}       
SPACES 30th Anniversary Exhibit        
Diana Cooper @ MOCA Cleveland        
Tannaz Farsi @ the Sculpture Center        
The Comic Uncanny @ Shaheen        
Thu Tran @ The Sculpture Center        
Jenniffer Omaitz @ 1point618 Gallery        
Bea Mitchell        
Darice Polo @ raw & co.       
The Kanwischers @ raw & co.               
Sarah Sutton @ raw & co.        
Jean Kondo Weigl @ Zygote Press        
Todd Chilton @ raw & co.        
Contemporaries: 8 @Bonfoey & Co.        
Christopher Pekoc @ Convivium 33        
Amy Casey & Breehan James @ Parish Hall         
Dana Schutz @ MOCA        
Barcelona @ CMA        
Hillerbrand & Magsaman @ exit        
Evolve / Adapt @ Front Room                
Zygote @ Heights Art Gallery                
Frank Green @ Arts Collinwood        
Kozmon & Krause @ Arts Collinwood   
Giancarlo Calicchia @ 1point618        
John Haughwout @ Parish Hall        
John Jackson @ Zygote Press        
Lauren Bugaj        
Legal Aliens @ SPACES        
Maria Winiarski @ True Art        
Matt Dibble        
Faris McReynolds @ Shaheen        
Olga Ziemska @ MOCA        
Misdemeanors @ SPACES       
Off Pedestals @ Sculpture Center        
Jenniffer Omaitz @ e. Gordon                
Seydou Keita @ MOCA        
Qian Li @ CSU Gallery        
Revive @ Zygote        
Robert Banks @ Jean Brandt        
Sid Rheuban        
Side By Side @ MOCA        
Stephen Kasner        
Patricia Zinsmeister Parker @ CSU        
Bill Radawec @ exit (a gallery space)        
Cecelia Phillips @ William Busta        
Tim Callaghan @ William Busta        
Toxic Color @ exit (a gallery space)        
Clarence Van Duzer        
Baila Litton @ 1point618 Gallery        
Erik Neff @ raw & co.                
Harriet Ballard @ Bonfoey & Co.        
Tinapple, Wichert & Front Room        
Pierogi Flat Files @ KSU        
Amy & Misha Kligman @ Wooltex        
Curtis Mitchell @ the Sculpture Center
TR Ericsson at Shaheen and Sculpture Center
Against Nature @ SPACES
New Edition / Amy Casey at Zygote Press
Short Cuts, 55th Carnegie Biennial
Brent Green @ the Sculpture Center
"Untitled 1" photo by Stephanie Grote,
@ "Toxic Color", exit gallery